Why Trials Isn't Coming Back

and that's okay

Bungie announced in the latest TWAB that Trials of the Nine would not be returning any time soon and they don’t have any definite plans to bring it back. This has upset a good number of people in the community, particularly on YouTube and Reddit. While it’s clear a good... [Read More]

Myomin and the State of the Supplement Industry

A tale of supplement marketing and manufacturing fails.

On April 17th, 2018 the FDA sent a warning letter to BioStar Technology International for making claims about products they were selling that would establish them as drugs under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. I want to focus on one dietary supplement mentioned in the letter, Myomin. Chi’s... [Read More]

Cancer Can Be Killed Review

Jeff Witlessman's 90 minute infomercial for quacks.

I found myself in the weird part of Amazon a few months ago. As it turns out Amazon is a big fan of sketchy health documentaries. You can view dozens of documentaries free of charge with Amazon Prime that support anti-vaccine views, peddle unproven cancer therapies, and all other sorts... [Read More]